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Renee Hobbs is an optimistic and inspirational voice in the field of media literacy education, with a strong track record of creative collaboration. 


Imagine a future where learners of all ages have the creative confidence and intellectual curiosity thy need to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens in democratic societies. Then learn about the practical steps needed to make that dream a reality. Renee Hobbs customizes engaging and inspirational keynote addresses to meet the needs of your community. 


When Renee Hobbs works collaboratively with you to develop media literacy curriculum, you can be confident that it will meet the highest standards of excellence and will be grounded in the latest research evidence.  


Renee Hobbs models instructional practices that can be applied in a wide variety of contexts. There's no "sit-and-get" lectures here. Instead, using hands-on, minds-on learning, Hobbs demonstrates active learning and inquiry strategies that bring valuable insights to educators at all levels of experience. 


Get up to speed on the theory and practice of media literacy education with the leading expert in the field. 

Get insights on program evaluation by measuring growth in media literacy learning outcomes. Hobbs has developed and validated empirical measures of media literacy including task-based performance measures, self-report, and indexes of instructional practices.  


Renee Hobbs loves to collaborate and can bring her extraordinary network of 20,000 members to help you develop the next big thing! 

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